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What's Linux 4D.

Linux 4D is a project aimed to create a Linux distribution, "accessible" to users with some kind of disabilities.
With Linux 4D is possible to have, in addiction to graphical output, a vocal output in Italian language, or English.
Linux 4D will also provide a distribution with aid for visive or motorie disabilities.

The Project

- What is Linux
Linux is an operative system Free and Open Source, developed by thousand programmers all over the world.

- Linux for Disability.
Several team of programmers plan and develope projects and components in order to simplify the use of Linux to disabled people.

- Why a new project.
Linux 4D makes use of software components developed by several team of programmers.
All the components are integrated in an Homogenous and Complete Framework.

- Linux 4D Project
The project of Linux 4D starts from the analysis of existing components, and arrives to the realization of the working system

Linux 4D

- Project Documentation
Analisys of requirements, project choices, work environment, system architecture and components.
- Download Code and Packages
The code of different system components.
In alternative you can download packages ready for installation.
- Rule files Repository
The application rule file archives.
You can search for a program rule file, or you can insert a new rule file in the archive.

How to Collaborate

You can collaborate to the realization of Linux 4D, simply sending suggestions or joining to the development of some system components.
There is a mailing list to which you can subscribe sending an e-mail to:, with "subscribe" as subject, or inserting your e-mail address here:

For single suggestion you can also use this form


- The Linux 4D Project
Analisys of requirements, project choices, work framework, - Software Components used
Documentation on many components used, integrated in Linux 4D, and developed in an indipendent way from Linux 4D.
- Projects correlated to Linux 4D
Other projects and communities for accessibility in Linux.

Last Updates

08/03/2003 - First version of website
Now online: homepage, "the project" section (except last link), and "projects correlated to Linux 4D".

Copyright (c) 2003.

Permission is granted to copy and distribute the documents on this site under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with all the Sections Invariant.
A copy of the "GNU Free Documentation License" is downloable here.

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